Neelkanth Vidyapeeth
International School, Hyderabad
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, Affiliation No.:3630101 (New) & 130290 (Old)
Grade 5 to 12 (Sci. & Comm.)

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Inspire students to become brave and confident explorers, tough in spirit and flexible in mind, to pursue their dreams
and ambitions in an abundantly free, joyful and boundary-less learning environment where the hindu spiritual values and culture are center stage..

Prerna-Shrot: P.P Sadguru Shri Bhagwatswaroopdasji Swami

“Yada-Yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati Bharata,
Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srujamyaham..!!”

FOUNDER: P.P Shastri Satyaprakash Dasji Swami

Jai Shree Swaminarayan!  There is a thought deep rooted in our hearts that the biggest problems of present day that is corruption, bribery and reluctance to patriotism and many others are perpetually prevailing in the society. Everyone wants to be a millionaire overnight .Everybody wants to be an independent now a days. No one wants to obey the rules. They want to follow their own life style. The society is ailing  with such type of people. This frail mentality has surrounded the society which is making the society weak.

The immoral independents have their own milieus. There is a fervent need to bring a change in the present world. We are confronting a question what should we do to fulfill our duty. We could find only one way that we need to generate patriotism in the present generation. A patriotic can make a lawful and corruption less society. And if we want to build a lawful and corrupt less society then we have to give a strong foundation. And this foundation is nothing but  the innocent and lovely children. These small children are going to be the bright future of India.

We strongly believe that if we fill them with our cultural heritage then present days’ problems will possibly disappear. Shivaji’s mother poured cultural heritage in him since his childhood. Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Shree Swaminarayan and Gandhiji did get such type of cultural heritage in their childhood that sin, lust and evil things stayed far away from them throughout their life. And all our motto to start SNVP is this. We offer our prayers in the lotus feet of God that May this feeling creep in the world so that we can achieve our goal! May each student of SNVP set an exemplary ideal character! May he be beloved like Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and has a respect for the elders! He should be obedient like Shravan, Dhruva and Prahlad, an icon like Swami Vivekananda .He should  be filled with virtues and bravery by all means like Shree Swaminarayan. He should be filled with justice, truthfulness and good deeds. He must keep on growing. He should dare enough to do away with the corruption and clear the evil things from the society. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. They will have the reins in their hands. The leaders of tomorrow will remain indifferent even if they will be  offered bribe. This will really be interesting to see them get through in their practical tests in life.

We anticipate that the passed out students of SNVP will remain firm in the adverse situation. They will confront the difficulties with ease. O, brave children! You can bring back the realm of Ram. Wealth and prosperity will roll on their feet who are fond of good deeds and practice the same.

I wish all the schools of India unite and vow to put the students on the righteous path. They all vow to make their students great men. If the children take an oath to make India a better India then we will experience the Satyug because ultimate prosperity lies in their hands.

P.P. Shri Krishnavallabh Swami

Continuous follow-up and regular counseling is carried out to meet the need for all-round development. Creating a positive attitude in them is of primary concern. This requires training to face the challenges in life and grab the opportunities that come in their way . The curriculum is designed not only to emphasize class learning but also to teach life skills aiming at physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth. Different activities are conducted to make the child pro-active. Children learn in a pressure-less environment which results in openness of heart.

P.P. Shri Viveksagar Swami

We want our students to experience the spiritual world but at the same time to experience advanced state of the art & technology. This means providing a conducive  learning environment to encourage each child to bring out the best in himself.

Director: Mr. Nainesh Patel

We  saw  the need to train children from Kashmir to Kanyakumari who can competitively and productively be at par or even better than any child in the world. Tomorrow these children will not only have to face with local competition but also with their pals anywhere in the world. This does not mean we shall forget where we’ve  come from and where we are going. We, therefore, are in need for spiritual enlightenment.  The children are given the fundamentals of the Hindu spiritual values and culture. An environment is provided such that these young buds can carry out these values to the rest of the world. We also develop their leadership qualities as we want to make them “not only job seekers but also job givers.”

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