Neelkanth Vidyapeeth
International School Hyderabad
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, Affiliation No.:3630101 (New) & 130290 (Old)
Grade 5 to 12 (Sci. & Comm.)

History of SNVP

Yada-Yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati Bharata,
Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srujamyaham..!!

           This soul pacifying  teaching has been imparted to the restless world by Lord Krishna in the battlefield of Mahabharata. He is stuck to his promise even today. In the era of TRETA he was born as Lord Rama to Dasharatha, in the Dwaparyug, he was the son of Vasudev, he is called Lord Krishna and in the Kalyug, i.e  the present era, he is the son of Dharma, Lord Shree Swaminarayan. Lord Shree Swami Narayan Left his house when he was eleven and bore the name Neelkanth. He set out for the pilgrimages. He moved to  all pilgrimages in India. He destroyed the inequalities and established the cult there. This is because of Lord Neelkanth Varni that  the religion could regain its form to prevail it for a long time vigorously. Lord Swaminarayan focused on three elements. Firstly the spiritual teachings of Vyasji .He abridged the teachings of Vyasji so that a layman could understand it easily. Secondly, he decided to reach the teachings of Vyasji to every house. He prepared a large number of disciples who renounced the world and moved from village to village to spread his preachments. Thirdly, more importantly, he encompassed temples. He connected the temples to the teachings of Vyasji. His deciples and followers got a clear picture of their religion. He presented the conditions for the people in a book which is an order for his disciples. He mentioned in the book that free education is the greatest of all the alms. Lord Swaminarayan focused on the education of such kind which gives the students a salvation.

P.P Shastri Satya Prakash Dasji Swami

To obey the orders of the Lord P.P Shastri Satya Prakash Dasji Swami, encouraged his fellow disciples to impart the teachings of Lord Swaminarayan and education among the students. He opted Hyderabad city for this mission. A group of saints stepped in HYDERABAD on 15-Jan-2009 and they moved over different rocky and hilly areas to select the land to establish a school. Finally they experienced serenity and positive vibrations over there where NEELKANTH VIDYAPEETH stands now.  They enquired with the old dwellers of the village and came to know that some great saints meditated over here. Hence this barren land is fertile with the positivism of life. The disciples bought the land on this hill for their mission. They decided not to accept any donation from anyone. They made their own efforts and laid foundation stone on 28-Sep-2009. By the end of one calendar year a beautiful building was smiling over the barren land. ‘What should it be named”? This was a question confronting everyone. Again it is the spiritual Guru P.P Shastriji who proposed that it should be named NEELKANTH. Since Lord Swaminarayan bore the name NEELKANTH while meditating  after leaving the house. It is  one of the names of Lord Shiva too. This is a coincidence that both the lords meditated over hills. In the ancient age the Gurukuls where established in such serene vicinity  “We must”, said he, “name it NEELKANTH VIDYAPEETH”.

There are skilful and effective teachers who impart textbook knowledge to the students. The saints of NEELKANTH VIDYAPEETH confer spiritual knowledge on them. They teach yoga also. In the classrooms, each student is provided with a computer.  There are  touch screen boards in every classroom for the teacher’s use. There are two numbers of air conditioners and a projector in every classroom. The students enjoy in the hostel and in the beautiful vicinity. They have lavish meals in the dining hall. There are Football, Cricket, Volleyball grounds and Basketball courts and Badminton court in the school premises. They enjoy Gymnasium, Horse Riding, Swimming and Indoor games and many more in the school premises. The students use all these facilities regularly. The neat, clean and fresh aisled campus mesmerises everyone who visits here. The child learns and plays in the Nature’s lap.

     The output of NEELKANTH VIDYAPEETH is also pleasing and satisfactory. It is observed that the people who are addicted to liquor, gambling and other types of bad habits in the absence of satsang have given up them after coming into our contact through their wards and joined their  hands with us to stop them in the society. In this way NEELKANTH VIDYAPEETH is serving the society in disguise.

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