Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi
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Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi
Call Us: +91 9989-311-733, +91 8919-016-017
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Department of Library

Neelkanth Vidyapeeth, the Best Boarding School for Boys, has a Wonderful Library mastered with Latest Technology. The library has an exclusive Collection of books from various genres like Fiction, Science, Ethics, Hindu Theology, History, Geography, Literature, Vedic Mathematics and many other Fantasy and Inspirational Novel Collection. Students with Individual Computers at the library can connect themselves globally and seek information for the Creative projects designed by Professional Faculty of Our School

Core Elements

Huge Collection of Books
Air Conditioned Library
Individual Systems for Exploration
Experienced Library Faculty

Our Children get the latest books and exclusive magazines for improving their knowledge and Competitive Skills. School Curriculum has given Library importance in every day Schedule

“A well setup library voyages learners to wonders of human life & self-discovery.”

“A book can be a man’s best friend”

That is the reason Neelkanth Vidyapeeth Swaminarayan Gurukul has never limited Learning to classroom. The Gurukul’s library encases the best qualities of traditional land open libraries. Worthy of such establishment and maintenance, it is our pride. It carries the spirit of Gurukul to support our young learners in their pursuits.

The Gurukul’s library located on the first floor is easy to reach.

The entrance brings you to the librarian’s desk. As we tread further, we can see all things placed in hygiene arrangement. The furniture and air-conditioning ease students to warmth of a personal room. There are rows of tables and chairs well-spaced. Library accommodates large number of readers at one sitting.

It houses books on Science, Hindu Theology, History, Geography & Literature. The gurukul makes sure that students get to look at the success stories. The most beautiful blooms in literature always push our students’ creative spirits. Library has new additions on a regular basis keeping up with current innovations Apart from the huge volume of books, it carries magazines of all interesting sorts. The efficient system of marking and listing used in the library makes it

always a cakewalk to find a book. Reference materials on science and technology are a must read for many of the students. Library benefits students with digital access to soft materials by internet access. It provides calm and comfortable space for individual studying. It serves the learners with common places for group work and study.

Students visit library as per their classroom schedule. They may choose to use the facility in their free time and holidays. The library permits to borrow one book at a time. It is a go to place for the students to meet recreational needs besides. Library staff are friendly, vibrant and innovative. They help students by finding, selecting and organizing resources the institution has in gather.