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Grade 5 to 12 (Sci. & Comm.)
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Yada-Yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati Bharata, Abhyuthanamadharmasya tadatmanam srujamyaham..!! This soul pacifying teaching has been imparted to the restless world by Lord Krishna in the battlefield of Mahabharata. He is stuck to his promise even today. In the era of TRETA he was born...

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Educational Life

Neelkanth Vidyapeeth International School, Hyderabad is a non-profitable organization run by the saints of Swaminarayan cult. We are the most sought after destination in the country for holistic and value based education. High standards are set up in all aspects enhancing the quality of education to the optimum levels.

The school with great infrastructure promises a quality education with spiritual knowledge which is the need of the hour. Along with studies horse riding, trekking, swimming, skating and many other things also are learned. The school invites important personalities to enlighten the students from time to time. Sometimes the saints visit well-known people to get inspiration too. It also holds field trips, national and international tours on and off the students’ recreation. It is a unique school in all respects.

Neelkanth Vidyapeeth is in an idyllic setting that is two separate large and artistic architectural building and campus sprawled over 40 acres of undulating land for school and residential purpose amidst hills and green cover, fine weather and a natural pollution free, eco-friendly campus atmosphere, satisfy a crucial need in today’s world for students to learn, observe, introspect and contemplate.

A high end configured buildings reflect the utmost importance for the children’s safe and nature intact learning. The campus is not built but made as part of the nature. The outer view of the campus proves the saints’ intention in recalling the ancient Gurukul tradition into modern standards.

Set in 40 hectares of beautiful gardens, Neelkanth Vidyapeeth offers perfect surroundings for perfect learning. We are conveniently located with excellent public transport links and a comprehensive list of bus routes.

Our Secondary School facilities are set up to support students as they master a wide range of subjects. The school campus includes the School, Hostel, Dining and Play grounds. The school is crafted in various disciplines as per the departments with larger than life labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics; library, art and craft theatres, music rooms, indoor stadiums and technically mastered classrooms.

The art and craft in school takes a special note. Children are given excellent training in music by trainers of various musical instruments like Tabla, Mrudangam, Guitar, violin, Keyboard and Vocal music. The art department provides the children an exclusive theatre to develop the creative making of art and craft. The distinctive curriculum includes array of art and craft activities like oil painting, Glass painting, painting with acrylic colours, water colour painting, spray painting, impression painting and paper craft like origami, collage, paper modelling etc.  

The school has its own drama and music theatre where the students perform various theatre arts like drama, singing, instrumental play and various Soft Skill related activities like Elocution, Debate, Group Discussion etc.

The school has its own Gaushala, garden and pious prayer hall reverberating Lord Swaminarayan’s sainthood and piety. The Santh Ashram is the holy abode in the campus where the saints live and preach Dharma and spirituality and asceticism.

The campus is built as per the government’s rules and regulations maintaining Solar power system. The vibrant building is inscribed in the nature without disturbing local flora and fauna of the place.

Hostel Life

Neelkanth Vidyapeeth International School, Hyderabad is a residential school where students feel like staying at home. Luxurious beds, separate study tables,individual wardrobes in the air conditioned rooms in the hostel; all together is sufficient to make the hostel an amenity. The motherly care of the saints and hostel supervisors and caretakers feels them safe. Comfortable stay and hygienic food helps them stay healthy.

Neelkanth Vidyapeeth International School, Hyderabad, is a day cum residential school that has a state-of art residential facility for boys. At present there are 277 students, majority being NRIs, staying at the campus under the parental care of hostel team. The residents get hot water for bathing, RO treated water for drinking, air-conditioned rooms, telephone facility and food canteen and movie shows every Saturday and one outing once a month.

The hostel children enjoy a homely atmosphere and learn life skills and values through activities like Boarders Talent show, Best out of Waste, Health and hygiene education. 

The hostel rooms are highly furnished with modern wardrobes, sofa and Study table for children. The biometric locking facility provided to every room ensures the highest safety and security for the belongings. Every room is allotted to only 6 -7 children.

The SNVP Garden 

Outside the Hilltop building on the International School’s campus is a beautiful place for students to engage in hands on learning. SNVP students delight in planting vegetables and flowers, growing cover crops, playing with worms, and discovering other forms of life from the outside world. Throughout the year, Garden Manager coordinates with teachers and directs a program that educates students about the world of growing.

The school’s gallant architecture is beautified with the exotic lake view balancing the atmosphere around the campus.

The school garden is a powerful tool for promoting science education, engaging students in healthy behaviors and maintaining a connection to nature. As a living laboratory for studying soil, bugs, and plant growth, the SNVP garden program also teaches lessons in teamwork, responsibility, and the results of careful nurturing.

“The children are excited about the food they grow,” the Manager says. “We do a lot of tasting and talking about the plants in English and in the immersion language.”

Learning in the garden does not stop when school ends – Gardening is offered as part of our enrichment programming, and SNVP summer campers and volunteers work hard in the garden all summer! Campers may plant vegetables (which are harvested in the fall), decorate the garden, and learn about bugs and other garden wildlife.

We are always looking for parents to be summer garden volunteers.

Neelkanth Vidyapeeth has a royally furnished dining hall surrounded by carved miniature of Himalayan view. Residential catering is provided by SNVP Food Services, at 2 main dining facilities equipped with full kitchens, and Snack Bar, an attractive food counter. The Food Services team comprises efficient staff, with the expertise to prepare multi-cuisine vegetarian food without onion and garlic being prepared in designated kitchen areas. The menu is planned with both variety and nutrition in mind. Special meals can be provided on medical advice.

  • We have a strong Food services team at Neelkanth Vidyapeeth International School headed by highly qualified chefs bringing with them their versatile experience. The rest of the team comprises of local cooks who are trained specifically in their areas of Expertise to enhance the Quality of production.
  • Underpinning the functioning of the department is assured by International standards, ranging from hygiene to quality control.
  • The department also strives to encourage local farmer’s produce of organic fruits and vegetables, wherever possible for school procurement.
  • Regular audits by Swamijis spanning procurement, issue, production, service, water purity are done to ensure health, safety and balanced and wholesome food.
  • Food from various states of our country is regularly served, giving the students a flavor from around the country and most importantly from home.


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