Neelkanth Boarding Buffet

A Palette of Flavors for Growing Minds, Embracing Swasthya Principles

Our culinary offerings not only delight the taste buds but also embrace Swasthya principles, ensuring each meal nurtures both body and mind. Join us in savoring a journey of wholesome nourishment and well-being.

Discover Culinary Excellence at Neelkanth Vidyapeeth's Dining Hall: A Feast for Mind and Body

At Neelkanth Vidyapeeth, where academic brilliance meets holistic growth, our dining hall stands as a testament to our commitment to providing not just meals but a culinary experience that nurtures both the body and soul. As the top residential school for boys, we understand the importance of a well-rounded dining environment that caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of our elite learners.


A Gastronomic Delight: Pure Vegetarian and Nutritious Fare
Diane Rose
Fitness Guru
Our students at Gurukul relish a gastronomic journey featuring pure vegetarian and nutrition-packed delights. The Gurukul strictly upholds its principles by prohibiting the use of Onion and Garlic in food preparation.
Diane Rose
Fitness Guru

Daily Feast: Core Elements Of Dining Excellence​


Breakfast Brilliance:

Begin the day with a delightful breakfast comprising two different tiffins accompanied by wholesome milk, setting the tone for a day of learning and growth.


Mid-Morning Refreshment:

Sip on refreshing fruit juice during the mid-morning break, infusing energy and vitality into the academic day. The Fruit Juice is made in highly hygienic conditions


Sumptuous Meals:

Dive into the rich diversity of North and South Indian cuisines served with a special sweet, ensuring a nutritious, balanced and delectable dining experience.


Evening Extravaganza:

Indulge in special snacks during the evening, a delightful pause to recharge and reconnect with peers.


Night Nourishment:

Conclude the day with a comforting blend of North and South Indian dishes, complemented by a special chat item


Before Bed Elixir:

Savor a comforting glass of milk before bedtime, ensuring a restful night's sleep. Early to bed is what we focus on

Dining Hall Splendor: Where Elegance Meets Comfort

Elite Dining Experience:

Our Dining Hall, designed with the elite upbringing of our learners in mind, promises an exceptional dining experience. The ambiance mirrors the class of well-built commercial hotels, ensuring that every meal is not just a necessity but a culinary celebration.

Nutrition Excellence:

Gurukul places a premium on health, sourcing vegetables, fruits, milk products, and groceries from quality outlets. To preserve nutritional value, our chefs adhere to stringent methods, delivering meals that nourish both the body and mind.

cross Culinary Fusion:

Dishes from the North and South regions of India grace our regular meals, offering a culinary journey through diverse palates. For those with a continental taste, our snacks and meals cater to every preference, fostering cross-cultural culinary ethos.

Discipline and Devotion: A Prayerful Culinary Experience

Formal Prayer Ritual:

Every meal at Gurukul begins with a formal prayer, fostering gratitude towards nature and the divine for the nourishment provided.

Cultivating Values:

Aligned with saintly principles, the Gurukul refrains from using Onion and Garlic in its culinary offerings, promoting discipline and devotion with every bite.

Uncover a World of Culinary Excellence for Your Child!

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