Neelkanth PlayScape

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Elevate your game in our state-of-the-art facilities, where excellence meets excitement.

Welcome to Neelkanth PlayScape: A Symphony of Sports Excellence

At Neelkanth Vidyapeeth, we believe that physical and mental growth are not separate entities but interconnected facets of a holistic education. Our Swaminarayan Gurukul in Hyderabad proudly unveils Neelkanth PlayScape, an exquisite fusion of indoor and outdoor games designed to nurture the physical and mental fortitude of our students.

Outdoor Extravaganza: World-Class Playgrounds

Diverse Gaming Arenas:

Discover separate playgrounds meticulously engineered for world-class games, including Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Badminton, and Cricket. Our lush green spaces are more than just play areas; they are arenas where victories are celebrated, teamwork is honed, and lessons of success are etched into every spirited endeavor.

Exclusive Coaches:

Each game at Neelkanth Vidyapeeth is guided by specialized coaches, ensuring personalized attention and expertise for every aspiring athlete. Our commitment to excellence extends to every corner of our play spaces.

Daily Game Schedule:

Fulfilling our pledge to comprehensive growth, we allocate two hours every day throughout the academic year for games and sports. This daily regimen is tailored to individual preferences, allowing students to engage in activities that resonate with their passions.

Athletic Booster:

Experience the thrill of the track and the precision of field events in our meticulously crafted Athletics Arena. From sprints to long jumps, shot puts to javelin throws, our facilities cater to every facet of athletic excellence.

Indoor Marvels: The Heart of Strategic Play

Board Games Extravaganza:

Indulge in strategic battles and cerebral challenges with our assortment of indoor games, from the classic Chess and Carroms to modern favorites like Business and Scotland Yard. Every move, every decision, is a step toward intellectual growth and social finesse.

Guided Learning:

Our dedicated sports teachers and staff ensure that every moment spent in our indoor and outdoor arenas is safe, well-guided, and contributes to the overall development of our learners. We take pride in maintaining our play spaces to the highest standards, ensuring a secure and conducive environment for growth.

Swimming, Horse Riding, and Golf:

Immerse yourself in the refreshing embrace of our swimming pool, take a ride on horseback, or refine your golf swing – our array of activities serves as a testament to our commitment to providing a well-rounded and enjoyable sports experience.

Embark on Your Sports Journey: Join Neelkanth PlayScape Today

Step into a world of sports brilliance at Neelkanth PlayScape. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expert coaching await. Whether you seek the thrill of outdoor games or strategic battles in board games, we have it all.